Tips to consider when decorating your LIVING ROOM

Yellow is a bright color, lively and warm. All yellow palette is special to provide lighting environments. As for the stimulus in the mood fosters communication between people and good humor, so it is optimal for common areas, lounge, kitchen, dining, living rooms, although if too intense hues can become overwhelming. The palette may vary to an ocher, orange or yellow-green by choosing the most appropriate for each case. The colors which usually complements the yellow are earth tones, neutrals, pastels or white.
brushstrokes of color, as seen in the images may be included in upholstered furniture, lamps, pillows, floral arrangements, paintings and other accessories.
‘s convenient to use discreetly, tried to keep the color balance and quantity of items.
vanilla, corn, sun are the common names of many different shades, from the softest to the most intense approaching ocher tones.


What colors combined?

In a tonal scheme would go with dark or soft yellow, with a simple choice and easy to accomplish. In a harmonic scheme with green and orange, creating a harmonious, peaceful and enlightened. And in contrast scheme with violet, purple and blue. No doubt the neutral colors are good companions especially white, off-white and gray.

How to acclimate small dining room-

In a small house or apartment is important to saving space, especially in common areas like the living room. To do this you need to have a good distribution and lighting to give the feeling of more space under a modern and stylish concept.
Which and dining room are in the same space involves a «division invisible ‘, but respecting the functions each area with a harmonious style in between.
Earlier in the grandparents’ house, the dining room was the protagonist of every home environment. Many meetings were held around a large table full of guests.
Today, by reducing the size of the houses, the dining room became part of lasala and vice versa, the same environment characteristic separately for each space furniture became the protagonists of existing homes.
therefore are some tips to help you achieve a stunning and elegant atmosphere in your living room.

De Thus the result is a house that kickin, convenient to use and maintain.
An essential tip for such small environments is to consider the functionality that we can provide the shelves.This type of furniture will allow you not only save space but also, if you take advantage of it right, you will not need auxiliary tables or shelves. They are handy to have in a room and usually also very economical.

The furniture

PHOTO-D ~ 1251357222922209682_kyY8K8ib_c

When choosing furniture for small spaces, it is best to choose simple models and integrated straight shapes, materials and natural colors to achieve that harmonious and functional decoration. This way your room will look subtle and not overloaded.
Please note that as this is the mood or decorate two rooms in one space, you avoid overloading the place. In the case of the dining room, it is recommended to use rectangular or square table, since this way you will use best distribution of space. A round table can reach wasting space on the sides. Try a small cabinet or furniture where to place the cups and achieve a sleek design.
mood at the time of your living room you should also consider measures and location of doors and out to the terrace (if you have one ). The best thing is that the dining table is between the two, located so it does not obstruct the passage to the living area or to the terrace.



For the subject of lighting, it is said that the same environment as you can use a single light source, but this is completely wrong. They are two different environments, which share the same space, but do not fulfill the same functions, therefore, should illuminate each environment separately. Play with windows and lights, in case they exist, so that each room has adequate lighting.

Distribution of the furniture


When you are placing the furniture that will be part of the setting, keep in mind that can also be used as a separation between the two environments. Therefore, it is recommended that, for example, use the longest furniture separator room with dining area, so you have a cut.

You can use a chest of one kind support or rectangular puff. The idea is to get a «cut» between the two environments. Also you can do it with a small table or screen, so as to keep the same idea of ​​separation or delimitation.


When choosing the colors you use to decorate your living room, it is recommended to choose light colors, since they have to make it look more spacious environment, which is beneficial to a place where we have two environment.

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